Declan Moroney Construction is a dynamic company, where professionals take care of the things you need. With a great construction experience in groundworks and civil engineering, our team is here for you and ready to do an amazing job so our customers can be satisfied. Working with us means working with a team of professionals which will take their job seriously and won’t disappoint.

Enabling works is a generic description for site preparation works that might take place prior to work under the main construction contract. Enabling works might be preceded by 'mobilization' activities, carried out after the client has selected the contractor, but before works commence on site. These are preparatory activities, such as preparing method statements, arranging road closures, placing necessary contracts and so on.

When it comes about enabling works, DMC provides a number of services, including site establishment including site security, logistics solutions, investigations, security fencing, hazardous material removal, remediation, site clearance, traffic management, creation of access routes, archaeological and heritage attendance. These can be delivered as one-off provisions, or as part of an integrated service offering that provides clients with a confident and assured start to a project.

Our job is to keep our customers pleased with our work, that’s why we first discuss all the issues with the client and then we create the work plan. We aim to provide an excellent service focused on delivering projects within the London and home counties. To maintain the quality of service we target schemes up to a value of £5 million, this allows DMC to provide the attention each project deserves for efficient delivery on time and within budget. Our team is ready to do their job because a happy client means a happy business. We are achieving each goal we have and being a part of company means that you achieve your goals too. Remember, DMC is here for you!