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What type of foundations should you use?

The foundations are probably the most important part of a structure. After all they are responsible for supporting and stabilising it. If they are incorrect it could be incredibly dangerous and is unlikely to last without extensive repairs. As one of the top names for groundworks West London has to offer, we can help all clients to design the right foundations.

Shallow or deep

There are several different types of foundation to choose from. They fall into two broad categories based on the depth. The first is shallow and generally only requires a small excavation. The second is deep and may require much deeper excavations to support the structure above.

Types of shallow foundation

Individual or isolated footing

Also known as pad foundation, this is the most common type used in building construction. It provides individual foundations to support columns. The footings are normally square or rectangular and the size depends on the load and bearing capacity of the soil.

Combined footing

In some cases multiple columns are close together. As a result their footings overlap, resulting in a combined footing rather than isolated ones.

Spread or strip footing

This type of footing has a wider base so it can spread the load over a larger area and provide better stability. It is necessary for walls, columns and even bridge piers.

Raft or mat foundation

Some structures have very heavy loads. As a result footings are not a suitable option. To support all the walls and columns it is better to have a foundation across the entire area. The single solid layer will ensure that everything settles at the same rate.

Types of deep foundation


The goal with this kind of foundation is to transfer the load of the structure to rock strata below the ground by using piles. This is the best option if shallow foundations will not be strong enough. It is also the most appropriate if there is a risk of lateral loads causing an uplift.

Drilled shafts or caisson

This is the best option if the load is greater than piles can handle. The foundations also reach hard rock strata deep in the ground. First the contractor must drill a shaft that will reach the bedrock. Then steel reinforcement is inserted into the hole. Finally it is filled with concrete.

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